Country coverage

Country data cover agriculture commodity projections up to 2028. 

The data are updated annually. 

Country and regional reviews

Since 2013, the annual edition of the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook has focused on a specific country or region.  

A - E

Argentina (Data)

Australia (Data)

Brazil (Data)

Canada (Data)

The People's Republic of China (Data)

Colombia (Data)

European Union (Data)

I - N

India (Data)

Indonesia (Data)

Japan (Data)

Korea (Data)

Mexico (Data)

New Zealand (Data)

Norway (Data)

P - U

Pakistan (Data)

Philippines (Data)

Russian Federation (Data)

South Africa (Data)

Switzerland (Data)

Thailand (Datas)

Ukraine (Data)

United Kingdom (Data)

United States (Data)