Country Notes

Country notes offer a brief analytical summary of the commodity trade situation in the countries listed below and the European Union. The data cover agriculture commodity projections up to 2026. 

These notes and the data are updated annually. 

Country and regional reviews

Since 2013, the annual edition of the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook has focused on a specific country or region.  

A - C

Argentina (Note, Data)

Australia (Note, Data)

Brazil (Note, Data)

Canada (Note, Data)

The People's Republic of China (Note, Data)

E - M

European Union (Note, Data)

Japan (Note, Data)

Korea (Note, Data)

Mexico (Note, Data)

N - U

New Zealand (Note, Data)

Norway (Data)

Switzerland (Data)

Russian Federation (Note, Data)

United States (Note, Data)